Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome to The Pop! For Kids Project

How old do you need to be to enjoy good pop music? I would say not very old. How many annoying children's songs does it take to drive a parent crazy? I would say not very many. As a parent, I've been surprised by how very little enjoyable music I can find made for kids. Simple, fun, catchy pop tunes for children seem to be extremely rare and hard to track down.

I think children deserve to have access to pretty music as much as grown-ups do. Since for most of us music is such an important part of our lifes, how amazing would it be to be able to actually enjoy good pop music together with a child?

This is why I started The Pop! For Kids Project. I'm in the process of contacting all my favourite singers and bands from the indiepop, -rock and singer-songwriter world with an urgent and kind request to record a song for TP!FKP, or to make a previously unreleased song that fits the bill available here.

Welcome, and enjoy!


  1. What a lovely idea, Dennis. Good luck! x

  2. Fantastic idea, Dennis! When Ewan was tiny, I lamented, "Why is there no easy way of finding kid-friendly music that isn’t goofy or annoying?" I clung to Dan Zanes as if my life depended on it (still love his albums, actually!), but I longed for the day when the boy and I could actually SHARE musical tastes. We listen to J5, Bowie, Beatles, Stevie Wonder, but to date only Colin Clary (E LOVES The Magogs!) has broken the indie-pop barrier. I look forward to reading this blog!!