Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pop! #11: When Nalda Became Punk - Truffaut, the dog

When Nalda Became Punk are a lo-fi punky popgroup from Vigo, Spain. The band started out as a solo project for Elena Sestelo, but earlier this year she was joined by Roberto Cibeira and José Oliveira. This summer the trio released their debut single (theme song When Nalda Became Punk) as a 7" on Pebble Records. Earlier, WNBP released a couple of lof-fi demo's to the internet, which can be heard on the band's myspace, bandcamp or soundcloud. Mix the sounds of their listed influences like Heavenly, Clap your hands say yeah!, Helen Love and Belle & Sebastian and add a charming Spanish accent, and you should get a pretty good idea of what to expect from this band.

Their lovely song contribution to TP!FKP is Truffaut, the dog, a sweet but edgy (and catchy!) song about Elena's own cool sausage dog. It's obviously a song born out of friendship, but also with the knowledge of the dog's nature mixed in. "You wag your tail / But you always wag your tail." It's been claimed that, small and cute as they are, sausage dogs are perhaps the most aggressive dogs around. When Nalda Became Punk know it too: "You use your eyes to look kind /But it doesn´t work when you bite."

Elena was so kind to provide the complete lyrics and lovely, specially made cover art for the song, both of which you can download below.

You can still buy the When Nalda Became Punk 7" here.

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