Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pop! #13: Gwen Gladeyes - Lullabye

When I first contacted Auckland, New Zealand duo The Gladeyes about The Pop! For Kids Project a year ago, I quickly learned the band was soon going to go on hiatus, because Jade would move far far away to Sweden. Thankfully, Gwen then decided to try to record something on her own, and today you can be witness of how well she succeeded! Lullabye is a lovely, dreamy song about the magic of dreaming, and about how everything is possible in your dreams. And if you dream hard enough, in real life too, of course.

The Gladeyes' discography is filled with gems like this. You can buy their two albums from their bandcamp (from where you can also download a lot of free songs) or at Lil' Chief Records. The future of The Gladeyes seems somewhat uncertain, but if Gwen can make such pretty music all by herself, I don't think we need to really worry.