Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pop! #12: Sweater Girls - I'm a little dinosaur

Jackie! Joey! Diana! Tatiana! Cary! They're not all girls, but they're all Sweater Girls. They're a sparkly indiepop band from Los Angeles, California, who make jangly guitar songs influenced by, they say, "friendships, loneliness and laughter."

So far, the 'Girls' have released two 7" singles and one split cassette on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, and I've loved their sound since the very first time I heard their debut 'Do the sweater' one and a half years ago. Fresh from their facebook page comes the exciting news that they've just finished recording their debut full length which we can expect this year.

Especially for The Pop! For Kids Project the band recorded a lovely and warmly sincere cover of the great Jonathan Richman classic 'I'm a little dinosaur', which I haven't been able to stop playing since they sent it to me. I'm quite certain you (and your kids) will love it too!

You can buy Sweater Girls' records here.