Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pop! Classic #1

In between the original MP3 contribtions for this blog I thought it would be nice to post some videos by the artists that inspired me to start this project.

Where else to start than with They Might Be Giants?

John Linnell from They Might Be Giants is quoted in a 2006 article in The Guardian:

"You can tell by listening to the vast majority of children's music that the people who are making it don't really feel like they have to hold themselves to a very high standard," says Linnell. If this assessment seems diplomatic to the point of being charitable, it's probably worth noting that he is resident in America and has therefore never seen either Hi Five or Tiny Pop. "As a result, you get this appalling stuff that parents have to sit through. And of course," he adds darkly, "children like to listen to stuff over and over again."

And this is exactly what we want to change here.

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