Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pop! #6: Monkey Swallows The Universe - Inspector Flamingo

Nat Johnson is widely known for making beautiful pop music with gorgeous vocals and melancholy melodies. For this reason I asked Nat for a contibution from her and her new band the Figureheads, but what I got instead is at least as nice: an unreleased song by her previous band Monkey Swallows The Universe. "We did put it up on our website for a bit just after we split as it was the only thing we'd recorded that no one had heard, but otherwise it's not been available," says Nat. Written by her in a silly mood in 2007, this is actually a delightful song perfectly suited for this project: a lovely melody and an entertaining story, with sweet intrumentation that fits this song perfectly. And then there's that voice of course.

Monkey Swallows The Universe were an English acoustic folk-pop/indiepop band, centred around the original founding duo of Nat Johnson and Kevin Gori. When the band disbanded in 2008, Nat went solo for a short while and is she's now making pretty music with her new backing band The Figureheads.

You can buy Nat Johnson's releases here and here, and Monkey Swallows The Universe's albums are also still available, here.


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