Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pop! Classic #6

I've always had a big soft spot for The Smittens from Burlington, Vermont, and I think a video like this one should make it clear why. They're sweet and fun, and most often very child friendly too. A long, long time ago (well, two years) I interviewed this band on my other blog, so if you're interested after watching this, go check it out.

This quote from that interview says a lot, I think: "Sometimes we will all be in the same room with whomever's singing or playing and we remind each other to sing with a love thought in our hearts - kind of like answering the telephone with a smile - to get the most sweet feeling into each track."

Libraries, books, cats and kids! What's not to like?

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  1. Ohja, deze heb ik zo vaak geluisterd! Ik werk dan ook in een bibliotheek :) En Dear Nora heb ik trouwens van jou, nu maak ik er een cd-hoes voor als opdracht voor m'n studie.