Monday, March 14, 2011

5+1=6 questions for... Nat Johnson

A week ago I posted Monkey Swallows The Universe's lovely song Inspector Flamingo. Today, it's time to ask singer and songwriter Nat Johnson our 5+1 questions.

The Pop! For Kids Project: Hello Nat! What have you been up to recently?

Nat Johnson: Hello! The Figureheads and I have been quite busy lately releasing a new EP, called What the Heart Pours Into. We thought it would be a nice idea to do some handmade cd copies of it, so we've spent a lot of time playing at arts and crafts. I managed to get spraypaint all over the house but luckily it cleaned up with a lot of scrubbing. We've also been recording some more and have been playing a few gigs as well. It's been great fun.

TP!FKP: What are your earliest musical memories?

NJ: Being scared of putting the needle on the record player, but desperately wanting to listen to my parents' records, so holding the needle above and dropping it from quite a height whilst cringing away. Taping over the laugh on the end of Michael Jackson's Thriller cos I was scared of that too. Writing little pop songs on my casio keyboard from the age of about 7. Being caught recording myself singing the song from the Aristocats and being very embarrassed about it.

TP!FKP: Do you think good music is important for young children?

NJ: Well good quality from the start can't hurt can it? Though people will always make their own decisions about what they like when they get older, you'll always remember what your parents listened to and sang to you when you were little and if it's something pretty cool then that's a bonus.

TP!FKP: What's the best bit about being a musician?

NJ: I love creating something out of thin air. One minute there's nothing, then suddenly there's a whole new song that never existed before. I love it if a song I've written can mean something to someone.

TP!FKP: Do you have any favourite children's songs?

NJ: I always liked the one that goes... In a tiny house, by a tiny stream, lived a lovely lass, who had a lovely dream, and her dream came true, quite unexpectedly... in... Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen by the Sea!

TP!FKP: What was the inspiration for writing Inspector Flamingo?

NJ: I just sat down with my guitar, opened my gob and out came Inspector Flamingo. I must have been in an odd mood I suppose, but I hadn't planned to write a murder mystery song about flamingos and crocodiles. I remember coming up with the first couple of lines, quite liking the sound of them, and by the end just laughing to/at myself.

TP!FKP: Thank you Nat!

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