Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pop! #7: Mascot Fight - Dance like robots

Mascot Fight are a joyful sounding English indiepop quartet, who make songs with lyrics full of social commentary and wit. I was excited when they promised to contribute a song especially written and recorded for this project. The result is this, the bouncy and very catchy Dance like robots. It's lovely. If you like this song you'll be up for a treat with their albums. Most songs tell nice stories that lift you up, make you think or laugh for a minute, and put your mind in a unique place for a while. But now first: "...come on let's dance everyone, let's all dance like robots!" With a tune like this, who could possibly resist?

You can buy Mascot Fight's albums here, or give them a listen first, here.



  1. Wuuhh! who can help the beat? Perfect pop to get myself sweaty and tired and be ready for bed "D

  2. Love this song! How do I buy it? It isn't on the albums listed for sale.

  3. This is the only place you'll find it, Laura. All songs posted on this blog are exclusive, which sadly also means you won't find them on any albums/singles/compilations (yet). Enjoy the free download!

  4. Cool! I still don't get how to download it. I played this song and my son started dancing like a robot, of course! Any help for a person who's a bit slow in figuring things out? LOL! (BTW....awesome blog and GREAT music!)

  5. Download = right mouse click -> 'save target as'

    And thanks!

  6. Oooo! Yay! It worked! Thanks, Dennis, for compiling some really COOl kids music!